Strategic Leadership

Certificate #206

Est.imated Completion Time: 12 months

Starts: Quarterly

Program Area: Defense Systems Management

POC: Program Support

Modality: Distance Learning


Applications are paused until further notice as the curriculum has reached maximum capacity.

Strategic thinking is central to military organizations, yet it can be very difficult. Completion of this certificate increases students’ ability to think strategically; to understand and analyze trends in the strategic environment; and to be influential, strategic leaders. Students will examine historical examples and best practices in organizations, obtain a better appreciation of senior leadership perspectives on organizational strategy, and improve their analytical and critical thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and their own organization. As a result of improved strategic thinking, organizational analysis skills, and strategic communication competencies, students will be better prepared to develop productive strategies and lead their organizations toward greater performance. Courses can be completed in any order.

Courses Required

Course Details
Course 1 Choose one of the following:
  • MN4105
  • GE4016
  • GB4014
Course 2 Choose one of the following:
  • MN4474
  • GE3010
  • GB3010
  • MN3010
Courses 3–4 Choose 2 of the following:
  • Only one of this set:
    • MN3012
    • GB3012
  • GB4510
  • MN4017
  • MN3118
  • MN3400
  • GB4012
  • GE3109

Learning Outcomes

  • Master the art and science of strategic thinking
  • Analyze organizational processes and overcome inertia
  • Learn high-impact communication skills
  • Analyze trends in the organizational environment and address challenges in the defense and public sectors

Application Information

Applications are handled by the NPS Admissions Office. Please visit the admissions website or contact them at

Tuition & Service Obligation

For information regarding tuition, please contact the NPS Tuition office at, or contact this offering’s POC at

For information regarding service obligation, please visit the Admissions Office’s Eligibility/Service Obligation page.

Other Information

This certificate requires the completion of four courses (at least 12 credits) that were not counted for another certificate.

Tuition for each certificate course is $2,600 for all students except DON active-duty officers.

DON active-duty officers are funded by the Navy and their command sponsors do not pay tuition. DON active-duty officers also incur a service obligation. All other students must be funded by their commands and organizations. Students may not fund their own tuition.

Students or commands are responsible for paying for their textbooks, course materials, and TDY expenses.

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  •  08 Jul 2024

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