High-Performance Computer Architecture

Certificate #286

Est.imated Completion Time: 18 months

Starts: Winter

Subspecialty Code: 5309L

Program Area: Cyber and Information Systems, Naval Engineering

POC: Academic Associate

Modality: Distance Learning


The certificate provides a solid engineering foundation which covers both fundamental and advanced concepts of high-performance computers and computer systems. It provides students with the skills and abilities required to design, model, simulate, implement, analyze, and evaluate high-performance computers and computer systems by applying knowledge of digital logic design, computer architecture, embedded computing and cyber physical systems, implementation technologies (such as FPGAs and VLSI), and the use of CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools.

Courses required

Course Details
Course 1 EC3800
Course 2 EC3840
Course 3 Choose one of the following:
  • EC4820
  • EC4830

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 592


  • Acceptance by the ECE Department: Entrance to the Electrical and Computer Engineering curriculum at NPS is through a three-part requirement consisting of a minimum grade point average at the undergraduate level, a sufficient mathematics background, and a sufficient background in technical undergraduate studies. Applicants with a B.S.E.E. degree usually will satisfy the last two requirements automatically.
  • Command/Company endorsement.

Application Information

Applications are handled by the NPS Admissions Office. Please visit the admissions website or contact them at admissions@nps.edu.

Tuition & Service Obligation

For information regarding tuition, please contact the NPS Tuition office at tuition@nps.edu, or contact this offering’s POC at fargues@nps.edu.

For information regarding service obligation, please visit the Admissions Office’s Eligibility/Service Obligation page.

Other Information

The three graduate-course sequence is extracted from the current set of graduate courses required to complete the Computer Systems specialization track for the MSEE Degree offered by the ECE Department.

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  •  29 May 2023

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