Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications Systems - Part II

Course #AE3741

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Same as SS3741. This course is the second of two courses that introduce nuclear command & control concepts as well as a comprehensive, technical view of the US Nuclear Command & Control & Communications (NC3) system. There will be a large emphasis on future trends and vulnerabilities, which must be considered for future systems.

Students will understand theory of Command & Control (C2) and operation of highly reliable systems, methods used protect and secure these systems in the extreme adverse environments and ensure their reliability.

Security clearance: Secret

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 738


  • SS3740 (NC^3 Systems Part I)

Learning Outcomes

  • Advanced Understanding of NC3 Systems: Develop an advanced understanding of nuclear command, control, and communications (NC3) systems, building upon foundational knowledge from Part I, with a focus on more complex architectures, protocols, and operational scenarios.
  • Command and Control Decision-Making: Analyze and evaluate command and control decision-making processes within NC3 systems, including the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders, decision cycles, and escalation procedures.
  • Strategic Communication Skills: Develop advanced skills in strategic communication within the context of nuclear operations, including crisis communication strategies, diplomatic communication, and public messaging related to nuclear policy and posture.
  • Crisis Management and Decision Support: Acquire skills in crisis management and decision support tools relevant to NC3 systems, including scenario-based planning, risk assessment, and decision analysis techniques for rapid and effective response to nuclear threats.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Measures: Explore advanced cybersecurity measures and techniques to safeguard NC3 systems against cyber threats, including intrusion detection, incident response, and resilience strategies to maintain operational integrity.
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