Robotic Multibody Systems

Course #AE4820

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course focuses on the analytical modeling, numerical simulations and laboratory experimentation of dynamics and control of the autonomous maneuvering of robotic multibody systems. Systems of one or more robotic manipulators that are either on a fixed base or mounted on a moving base are considered the mechanics, guidance and control of these robotic manipulators are studied and their modeling analyzed in detail. Emphasis is given for the case of an open-tree robotic manipulator mounted on a drifting base. Applications are considered for orbiting spacecraft, underwater, surface, ground and airborne vehicles. The course laboratories focuses on analytical and numerical simulations as well as hands-on experimentation on hardware-in-the loop test bed. The Robotic Operating System as well as the Gazebo development environment is extensively used together with Matlab/Simulink and the in house developed Space Robotics Toolbox (SPART).

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 223
  • 299
  • 367
  • 569


  • AE3818
  • ME3801

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop detailed knowledge regarding the mechanics (dynamics and kinematics) and control of a robotic multi-body system, both with a fixed and a drifting base. 
  • Acquire the ability to conduct the analytical modeling of a robotic multibody system.
  • Develop the skill to use an open-software library (SPART) for performing numerical simulations of a robotic multibody system motion and maneuvering.
  • Obtain familiarity with laboratory experimentation of dynamics and control of a robotic multibody system.
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