Space Control

Course #AE4860

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course covers the fundamentals of Space Domain Awareness, Offensive Space Operations, and Defensive Space Operations. As Naval Officers must be able to affect the Space domain from the Maritime domain while also leveraging effects from the Space domain to the Maritime environment, this course offers an in-depth understanding of the history, policies, doctrine, organizations, technical systems, techniques and operations for Space Domain Awareness, Offensive Space Operations, and Defensive Space Operations terrestrially, in Earth orbit, and in the cislunar orbital environment.

Security clearance: TS/SCI


  • SS3400
  • SS3500

Learning Outcomes


  • Students shall be able to list the organizations that play a significant role in space domain awareness, offensive space operations and defensive space operations and describe the responsibilities of each.
  • Students shall describe the processes and procedures that leverage space capabilities to support OSO and DSO.
  • Students shall examine and describe the role Space Domain Awareness (SDA) & Space Situational Awareness (SSA) play in the ability to conduct OSO, DSO, and Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO).
  • Students shall examine and describe current U.S. Offensive and Defensive Space Operations, and on-orbit SDA/SSA capabilities.
  • Students shall examine and describe current adversary Offensive and Defensive Space Operations and their impacts on friendly space operations. 


  • Students shall apply their knowledge of orbital mechanics, modeling, and simulation, and RPO towards OSO, DSO, and other problems of interest.
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