Cyberspace Operations Fundamentals

Course #CY3200

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course explores the fundamentals of cyberspace operations. The broad goals of the course are to cover the three main domains of cyber – science and technology, computation and data analytics, and strategy, policy and ethics. Conceptually cyberspace operations are the employment of cyber capabilities to achieve objectives in or through cyberspace.  Nation state militaries, agencies or proxies use these operations as a component of conflict or warfare for political utility or competitive advantage. This course analyzes the offensive and defensive dimensions of cyberspace operations based on actual campaigns and incidents. It examines network architectures, technical methods, and emerging innovations for the conduct of cyberspace operations. The course debates policy and legal precedents to counter malicious actors operating in the domain. The hands-on lab exercises provide students with opportunities to employ cyber tools and techniques used by actors and to engage in war game decisions.  The course concludes by proposing novel strategies to mitigate risk and prevail in cyber enabled military affairs. 

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