Foundations of Cyberspace Operations

Course #CY3201

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This distance learning course explores the foundations of cyberspace operations. The broad goals of the course are to cover the three main domains of cyber – science and technology, computation and data analytics, and strategy, policy and ethics. Conceptually cyberspace operations are the employment of cyber capabilities to achieve objectives in, or, through cyberspace. Nation state militaries, agencies or proxies use these operations as a component of conflict or warfare for political utility or competitive advantage.  This course analyzes the offensive and defensive dimensions of cyberspace operations based on actual campaigns and incidents. It examines network architectures, technical methods, and emerging innovations for the conduct of cyberspace operations. The course debates policy and legal precedents to counter malicious actors operating in the domain. It gives students periodic opportunities for interactive analysis of the three main domains of cyber. The course concludes by proposing novel strategies to mitigate risk and prevail in cyber enabled military affairs.  This course is open only to students enrolled in DL certificate programs.

Included in degrees & certificates

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Comprehend and articulate fundamental concepts for cyberspace operations.
  • Explain and differentiate how science and technology underpin network and systems architectures for the conduct of cyberspace operations.
  • Describe and contrast how computation and data analytics provide emerging opportunities to sustain military advantage through cyberspace operations.
  • Outline and debate what policy and strategy are necessary for the legal counter of adversary cyber campaigns in and through cyberspace.
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct independent research and write informed papers on subjects directly related to the themes and topics in the course.
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