Deterrence in the Western Pacific


Starts: Winter

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Modality: NPS Hawaii Campus


This lecture will be delivered in person at NPS Hawaii only.

Dr. James Wirtz, author of Understanding Intelligence Failure: Warning Response and Deterrence, and Dr. Jeffrey Larsen, editor of On Limited Nuclear War in the 21st Century, present a lecture for junior and senior military officers and government employees and contractors on Deterrence in the Western Pacific.



19 January 2024


0800-1000 Block:

Deterrence in the Western Pacific

Join us as we trace the evolution of deterrence strategy during the Cold War. We will cover key concepts of deterrence such as capability, credibility, denial, punishment retaliation, and second strike. The course concludes by describing the special circumstances in the western Pacific that shape our defensive and offensive posture.

1000-1200 Block:

Introduction to Integrated Deterrence

“Integrated Deterrence” is a new term coined by SECDEF Lloyd J. Austin. Integrated deterrence recognizes rise of new warfare domains and technologies such as space, cyber, robotics, hypersonics, and artificial intelligence. This lecture will describe the term and how its implementation could bolster deterrence in the Western Pacific. The presentation also addresses the requirement for an underlying national grand strategy and will include a discussion of who ‘does’ deterrence.

Please arrive prepared with questions for a robust Q&A session at the conclusion of the lecture.



Makalapa NPS Hawaii Classroom (Old DV quarters)


Material covered will be unclassified.

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