Deterrence, Strategic Planning, and Emerging Technology


Est.imated Completion Time: 3 days

Starts: Fall


Professors James Wirtz and LTC Luke Calvert present a course emphasizing two themes that describe the history, concepts, and issues that challenge strategists today. The first theme, “Deterrence in the Western Pacific”, traces the evolution of deterrence strategy from World War II until today. The second theme, “Strategic Planning and Emerging Technology,” explores the role of innovative technologies in modern military strategy. This graduate-level course is intended for any member of the armed forces, government employee, or DoD contractor. Seats are open on a space-available basis for DoD civilians and contractors with a preference for active-duty and CPCPF service members.



Dr. James J. Wirtz

Served as a Professor, Department Chairman and Dean at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey, California. Professor Wirtz’s written work includes scores of books and articles on national security, intelligence affairs and foreign matters. His textbook published by Oxford University Press, Strategy in the Contemporary World, is in its 7th edition and has introduced thousands of students to the study of strategy and international security. Dr. Wirtz graduated from Columbia University and the University of Delaware and was a recipient of an Olin Fellowship at Harvard University. In 2016, the International Studies Association honored him as a Distinguished Scholar.


LTC Luke Calvert

An active-duty army officer currently serving as an Assistant Professor in the National Security Affairs (NSA) Department. He holds master’s degrees from the School of Advanced Military Studies and Webster University. A former U.S. Army Aviator, Luke has served as an Army Strategist (FA59) since 2017. His most recent Strategist assignments included serving as Division Chief for the Theater Plans Division at USASMDC (2019-2023) and as a Strategic Advisor to the Commander, Operation Resolute Support (2018-2019).

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this short course, you will:

  1. Gain an in-depth understanding of deterrence theory and its strategic applications in the Western Pacific.
  2. Develop foundational knowledge in strategic planning and its execution at the strategic level.
  3. Analyze the implications of emerging and disruptive technologies and their potential impact on the strategic environment.
  4. Enhance your ability to critically assess and apply strategic concepts in real-world scenarios.

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