Linear Systems

Course #EC2320

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Formulation of system models including state equations, transfer functions, and system diagrams for continuous and sampled-data systems. Computer and analytical solution of system equations. Stability, controllability, and observability are defined. Introduction to design by pole placement using measured and estimated state feedback. Application to military systems is introduced via example.


  • EC2100

Learning Outcomes

·       To learn how to represent linear systems in the state space model.

·       To understand properties of linear systems.

·       To learn how to represent and compute the response of linear systems given an arbitrary input.

·       To understand the concept of and the conditions for controllability, observability, and stability.

·       To be able to represent linear systems in controllable and observable canonical forms.

·       To design feedback controllers using the pole placement method.

Other Information

Ability to program in MATLAB is required.

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