Discrete Systems

Course #EC2400

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Principles of discrete systems, including modeling, analysis and design. Topics include difference equations, convolution, stability, bilateral z-transforms and application to right-sided and left-sided sequences, system diagrams and realizations, and frequency response. Simple digital filters are designed and analyzed.


  • MA1113

Learning Outcomes

·       Signals: continuous time, discrete time, sampled, complex exponentials.

·       Periodicity, discrete time periodic complex exponentials.

·       Discrete Fourier Series and Discrete Fourier Transform.

·       Systems: causality, stability, linearity, time invariance.

·       Linear Time Invariant systems: impulse response, convolution and properties.

·       Response to exponentials, frequency response.

·       Linear Difference Equations: recursive (IIR) and non-recursive (FIR) filters.

·       Z-Transforms: definition, properties, and solution of linear difference equations.

·       Unilateral and Bilateral Z-Transform and Region of Convergence (ROC).

·       Transfer functions, zeros and poles and shaping of the frequency response.

Other Information

Ability to program in MATLAB is required.

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