Analysis of Signals and Systems

Course #EC2410

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Analysis of digital and analog signals in the frequency domain; properties and applications of the discrete Fourier transform, the Fourier series, and the continuous Fourier transform; analysis of continuous systems using convolution and frequency domain methods; applications to sampling, windowing, and amplitude modulation and demodulation systems.


  • MA1113

Learning Outcomes

·       Given a continuous signal, determine the effects of sampling in time.

·       Be able to define the minimum sampling frequency to avoid aliasing when discretizing a continuous signal

·       Given a dynamic system, determine if it is Linear Time Invariant (LTI);

·       Given a LTI system, compute the response by convolution;

·       Given a periodic signal, determine its Fourier Series expansion;

·       Given a continuous time signal, compute its Fourier Transform;

·       Given a continuous time signal, compute the Fourier Transform using the tables and the properties;

·       Given a system, characterize it in terms of its frequency response;

·       Apply the properties of the Fourier Transform to basic modulation and demodulation problems;

·       Develop the ability to recognize and characterize simple discrete random processes in the time domain.

·       Learn to be able to fully characterize stationary discrete random processes from a second moment viewpoint in the time domain and frequency domains. Develop an understanding for Gaussian white noise for 1- and N-dimensional random vectors.

·       Learn to characterize random signals from a second moment viewpoint as they are processed through discrete linear systems. Also learn to characterize simple linear transformations for continuous signals in time and frequency domains.

·       Learn how to deal with uncertainty in estimated parameters via confidence intervals.

Other Information

Ability to program in MATLAB is required.

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