Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Fields

Course #EC2650

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course covers electromagnetic field theory and engineering applications. Both static and dynamic electric and magnetic field theory is covered. The complete theory is presented in terms of Maxwell's equations and boundary conditions. Applications include induction, plane wave propagation in lossless and lossy media, analysis of finite transmission lines, and plane wave reflection. Labs provide practical experience with microwave instruments, components, and measurement techniques.


  • MA1116

Learning Outcomes

·       Familiarity with basic wave propagation, complex numbers, phasors, coordinate systems and transforms.

·       Compute voltage and current waves on transmission lines; determine circuit parameters, loss, phase velocity.

·       Compute the input impedance of a terminated finite transmission line, SWR and use the Smith chart for basic transmission line calculations.

·       Compute fields and potential for discrete and continuous charge distributions directly or using Gauss’s Law when applicable.

·       Find the capacitance of a structure, the energy density and energy stored; dielectric effects.

·       Find the resistance of a structure, current density; apply boundary conditions and the method of images.

·       Understand the magnetic field of a loop, relationship to a dipole and permanent magnets.

·       Understand the concept of permeability, magnetization and hysteresis; types of magnetic materials.

·       Use the Biot-Savart law to compute magnetic fields for basic cases, and apply Faraday’s law of induction (i.e., know how currents are induced by conductor motion and time-varying magnetic flux).

·       Understand plane wave propagation in unbounded media and the effect of losses, skin effect, polarization, reflection and transmission from boundaries.

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