Introduction to Cyber Systems

Course #EC2700

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course supports the Cyber Systems curriculum, which is engaged in providing education and research in one of DoD/DON key technology areas. The course will provide the fundamentals of the underlying principles of cyber infrastructure and systems, inherent vulnerabilities and threats, and defensive security procedures. Topics covered in this course include number systems, computer systems, concepts in computer programming including C and assembly language, arrays, strings, pointers, stack and heap, memory corruption (buffer overflow), computer networks, Ethernet, Internet protocol, Address Resolution and routing protocols. Additional topics include wired and wireless communication systems, analog-to-digital conversion, and digital modulation.


  • Previous exposure to a high-level computer programming language.

Learning Outcomes

·       Describe the principles, mechanisms, and technologies of computer systems. Describe canonical vulnerabilities in information systems.

·       Identify actions that can be taken to protect against exploitation of information systems in computer and communication domains.

·       Describe fundamental network and internet technology. Describe network vulnerabilities and security risks. Describe actions that should be taken to protect networks.

·       Understand the primary modulation schemes used in computer and network communications.

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