Microwave Engineering

Course #EC3610

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course provides an overview of the circuits and devices used in microwave radar communication and electronic warfare systems. The course covers network analysis using scattering parameters, transmission media, selected circuits, electron tubes, solid state devices, and monolithic integrated circuits. Circuits and devices are studied in the laboratory using both hardware and computer simulation.

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 293
  • 592


  • EC2650

Learning Outcomes

·       The initial goal of the course to review electromagnetic field theory.

·       For students to be able analyze transmission lines and calculate losses due to reflection and attenuation constant.

·       For students to learn how to mitigate transmission line reflections through matching techniques via tuning analysis or Smith Chart.

·       For students to learn and how signals propagate through various kinds of transmission such as waveguides and circuit board lines.

·       To learn RF system analyses via matrix models such as scattering parameters and signal flow theory.

·       For students to learn to analyze, how to design, and use microwave resonators.

·       For students to learn to analyze, how to design, and use multiport networks such as power dividers and couplers.

·       For students to analyze, how to design, and use RF filters.

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