Applied Power Electronics

Course #EC4150

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


The course presents steady state and dynamic analysis of modern power electronic converters for advanced shipboard electric power distribution with emphasis on comparison to military standards. Physics-based modeling are used to simulate power converters and their control systems in microgrids for Navy shipboard and shore applications.  The course includes some more advanced topics like resonant converters, renewable energy power conditioning converters and grid-interface inverters.

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 291


  • EC3150

Learning Outcomes

·       This course continues the study on DC/AC converters, or inverters, initiated in EC3150.The students learn about three phase inverters and space vector modulation, and how they compare to single phase inverters and sine-triangle modulation respectively. Emphasis is placed on digital implementation of the inverter’s control systems.

·       To design control systems for shipboard inverters, including synchronous reference frame controllers, voltage and current control methods. The students learn how to use physics-based models to design and simulate power converters and their control systems.

·       Students learn about practical design of power converters and control related to Navy applications. They also learn to understand and apply military standards that regulate power distribution in military microgrids.

·       Laboratory exercises provide experience with microgrid components including active and reactive power control, photovoltaic power conditioning and energy management systems.

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