Array Signal Processing

Course #EC4450

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course provides mathematical development and fundamental principles of sensor array signal processing techniques as applicable to the design and operation of active and passive sonar systems critical to naval operations. Topics from aperture theory, array theory, classical and adaptive array signal processing, and signal detection are covered. The array signal processing principles developed in this course can be extended to applications in cellular communication systems, radar systems, and other fields. Along with the electronic systems engineering curriculum, this course supports the undersea warfare and engineering acoustics curricula, and others. PREREQUISITES: EC3400 and EC3410/EC3500 or EO3402 or  instructor’s consent.

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 290
  • 535


  • EC3400
  • EC3410
  • EC3500
  • EO3402

Learning Outcomes

·       Knowledge of basic theoretical principles and concepts that govern the design, analysis, and operation of passive and active sonar systems.

·       Awareness of the consequences and design tradeoffs associated with altering important sonar system parameters such as beamwidth, array gain, probability of detection, probability of false alarm, range and Doppler resolution, etc.

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