Network Operations I

Course #IS3502

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course introduces the basics of network operations. Topics covered include but are not limited to configuring and managing networks, routers, and servers (file, e-mail, web, DNS, printer, etc.); network monitoring and traffic analysis; storage and bandwidth allocation; quality of service, performance monitoring and analysis; deploying and managing firewalls and malware/intrusion detection/prevention systems; configuring access controls; managing and retaining logs; setting up VPNs and secure connections; business continuity and disaster recovery planning; managing software patches; and network policy and compliance. Prerequisites: None.

Learning Outcomes

·      Students obtain and demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of networking fundamentals and building blocks such as protocols, communication model layers, and Internet trends that are critical to Department of Defense (DoD) operations and maintaining strategic advantage.

·      Considering a sociotechnical systems perspective, students gain an in-depth and applied understanding of the relationship among military Command and Control (C2) and the development, use, and related history and evolution of computer networks.

·      Students gain an in-depth understanding of the networking physical layer: transmission media, data communications and Information sources and signals that are ubiquitous through-out the DoD.

·      Considering network related military and DoD cases and key System’s Thinking concepts, students apply their knowledge of Local Area Networks (LANs): packets and frames, and Media Access Control (MAC) sub-layer, wireless LANs, cellular communications, repeater, bridges, and switching, wide area networking technologies and routing, internet routing, and TCP/ IP models to examine the implications for C2 and related decision making in designing and operating computer networks.

·      Students explore and examine a range of emerging sensor network technologies and applications within the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem that are currently being leveraged in the DoD to enhance situational awareness and decision making.

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