Enterprise Information Systems Strategy and Policy

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Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Enterprise Information Systems Strategy and Policy: How to Be an Effective CIO or IT Strategist. This course aims to make students fluent in architecture-based decision making for enterprise systems strategy and policy. Students should become capable of significantly enhancing the prospects of an enterprise through effective, strategic use of IT architecture. The student should be capable of suggesting significant improvements in existing or proposed architectures, demonstrating both analysis and synthesis skills. Topics include: the enterprise and extended enterprise; information processing for competitive superiority; technology evolution and adaptive stresses; the role of the era; information systems architecture and enterprise architecture; architecting; U.S. Government architecture efforts; 000 imperatives; information superiority; network-centric warfare; and architecture synthesis and evaluation. Prerequisite: None.

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Learning Outcomes

·      Students will understand technology strategy development and technology management practices related to a range of current DoD technology and technology implementation strategies.

·      Students will understand frameworks and methods used to develop technology strategies and policy for DoD organizations.


·      Students will understand critical interdependencies among organizational strategy, information technology strategy, technology architecture, the design of work, organizational processes considering DoD context and socio-technical systems perspective.

·      Students will understand the role of architecture and interoperability in designing and implementing effective governance structures and related information technology strategy for the DoD.


·      Students will understand the following theories that can be used to describe, explain, and/or predict the successful implementation and adoption of technology in DoD organizations: Theory of Reasoned Action, Theory of Planned Behavior, Technology Acceptance Model, Media Richness Theory, Diffusion of Innovations Theory, Disruptive Innovations Theory, and Sociotechnical Systems Theory. Based on the student’s understanding of these well supported theories, they will be able to apply the theories and a set of organizational design models to better understand particular problems related to information technology strategy and policy design and implementation in the DoD.

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