Engineering Statics and Dynamics

Course #ME2503

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Forces and moments, equilibrium equations, statically indeterminate objects, trusses, methods of joints and sections, centroids, composites, rectilinear and plane curvilinear motion, absolute and relative motion, work and energy, virtual work, impulse and momentum, impact, system of particles, rigid body motion, moving frame, plane motion, fixed-axis rotation.


  • MA1115
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Application Deadlines

  •  08 Jan 2024

    Spring Quarter applications due

  •  01 Apr 2024

    Summer Quarter applications due

  •  08 Jul 2024

    Fall Quarter applications due

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Academic Calendar

  •  09 Oct 2023

    Columbus Day (holiday)

  •  24 Oct 2023

    Shift day: treat as Friday class schedule

  •  10 Nov 2023

    Veteran's Day (holiday)

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