Mechanical Vibration

Course #ME3521

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Elements of analytical dynamics, free and forced response of single degree and multi-degree of freedom systems. Dynamic response using modal superposition method. Properties of stiffness and inertia matrices, orthogonality of modal vectors, eigenvalue problem, modal truncation, vibration isolation and suppression. Vibration of bars, shafts, and beams. Supporting laboratory work.

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 122


  • MA2121
  • ME2502
  • ME2601

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop understanding of the physics of mechanical and structural vibration.
  • Gain ability to develop analytic vibration models of single- and multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical and structural systems.
  • Develop ability to analyze simple system vibration models and calculate response due to initial conditions and external forcing functions.
  • Gain understanding of fundamental concepts including free and forced response, frequency response.   
  • Gain understanding of, and ability to apply matrix methods for the vibration analysis of multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical and structural systems.
  • Gain ability to make basic vibration measurements and analyze the data obtained.
  • Be able to identify critical speeds of simple rotor systems, design isolation systems, apply orthogonality in the diagnosis and solution of vibration problems.
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Academic Calendar

  •  06 Jun 2023

    Spring quarter pre-graduation awards ceremony

  •  09 Jun 2023

    Spring quarter last day of classes

  •  13 Jun 2023

    Spring quarter final examinations begin