Acquisition Production, Quality and Manufacturing Decision Science

Course #MN3384

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course provides the student with an understanding of the principles and concepts of production and quality management in the DoD acquisition environment. Topics include production planning and control, "lean" production, and bottleneck analysis; quality management systems, statistical process control, and six sigma; cost estimating methods, activity based costing, and progress payments in support of production; productivity; environmental, safety and occupational health; warranties; specs & standards reform; and the Defense industrial base.

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 218
  • 722
  • 836


  • MN3331
  • MN3221
  • MN3222
  • MN3301

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe aspects and complexities of manufacturing in the defense industry.
  • Given a defense capability or weapon system program, distinguish the impact of current DoD policies as they relate to industrial capabilities.
  • Given an example weapon system capability need, analyze requirements and write performance specifications.
  • Given a sample warranty, contracts, or Engineering Change Proposal, apply FAR/DFARS policies governing warranty IAW DoD 5000 series documents.
  • Given a sample requirements document apply the source selection process including the RFP, Statement of Objectives / Statement of Work (SOO/SOW), Selection Criteria, and Instruction to Offerors IAW DoD 5000 series and the FAR/DFARS.
  • Given hypothetical guidance from the contracting officer, apply the Pre-Award Survey, Technical Support to Negotiations, and Progress Payments processes IAW FAR/DFARS.
  • Given the 5000 Series Directives/Regulations, FAR and DFARS, relate the requirements for a quality management system.
  • Given ISO 9001:2015, relate the requirements for a quality management system.
  • Given the four rules for defining lack of process control, and process control charts, determine whether processes are in or out of control.
  • Given a sample integrated management plan, analyze the adequacy of the details for manufacturing IAW production planning systems and DFARS.
  • Given a sample weapons system program, analyze the design for producibility and assess the manufacturing readiness of the program.
  • Given the elements of various environmental laws and DoD regulation reference ESOH, determine the impacts they have on production and quality management.
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