Innovation Adoption & Implementation

Course #MN3811

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This is an introductory course to basic issues in innovation adoption. The course helps students develop their knowledge about how the great new technologies, ideas and practices they research and talk about in other classes or in their workplaces actually get adopted by individuals and organizations. Students will learn that the adoption of innovations is mainly a management problem rather than a technical one, and it is not trivial: most innovators will tell you that in fact it is the hardest part of innovation, the messiest, and sometimes it never works at all.  As a result, many good ideas wither on the vine, creating significant waste, frustrating those who want them adopted, and reducing organizational effectiveness and efficiency compared to what could be achieved. In this course we will get inside this phenomenon and understand why innovation adoption proceeds the way it does. The course will help you develop your ideas about innovation adoption so that you might do things better when your turn comes. Prerequisites: None.

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