Strategic Planning and Policy for the Acquisition Logistics Manager

Course #MN4470

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


The course explores and analyzes the concepts, processes and methods of strategic logistics planning and execution, emphasizing proactive techniques to ensure maximum logistics influence on major weapon systems acquisition as well as optimum life cycle management of fielded systems. The course will examine and analyze key opportunities for maximum logistics influence in requirements development, contracting, test and evaluation, reliability and maintainability, as well as financial management and communications. The course will feature logistics management relevance to service roles and missions. The course will employ lectures, guided discussions, case studies, role-playing, panel discussions and lessons learned in the DoD acquisition environment. 

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 218
  • 722
  • 836


  • MN3331
  • MN3301

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and evaluate acquisition logistics functions and documentation over a system’s lifecycle.
  2. Assess the sustainability aspects of commercial and developmental items (NDI), out-of-production parts, and diminishing manufacturing resources.
  3. Evaluate the affordability of program alternatives in terms of life-cycle cost (i.e. total ownership cost (TOC)).
  4. Identify the policies and procedures for international cooperation and sales (potential and actual) on a program acquisition strategy and funding required for an international program.
  5. Evaluate adaptation of existing US maintenance support concepts to fit culture and requirements of potential Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers.
  6. Demonstrate leadership in a program management office (PMO) environment by utilizing effective interpersonal, managerial, and organizational skills.
  7. Given a NDI scenario, evaluate design changes and their impacts on system supportability.
  8. Given a significantly modified commercial end item, analyze the supportability requirements to deploy the item to DoD users.
  9. Given a scenario in which a complex commercial item experiences a potentially catastrophic single-point-failure, analyze how this situation came about from HSI, training, maintenance planning, FMECA perspectives.
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