Acquisition Test and Evaluation Decision Science

Course #MN4602

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Designed to cover Developmental, Operational and Joint Test and Evaluation, including planning concepts and procedures frequently used in test and evaluation programs. Taught from the perspective of the Program Manager, Test Project Officer and Test Engineer. Actual military cases are used for examples. Topics include the role of Test and Evaluation in Systems Engineering and Acquisition Management, DT and OT test planning, introduction to test design, conduct of tests, live fire testing, modeling and simulation, human systems integration (HSI), reporting of test results, range and resource issues, and lessons learned. Student teams will write a detailed test plan. This course offers DAU equivalencies.

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  • MN3331
  • MN3221
  • MN3222
  • MN3301
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  •  06 Jun 2023

    Spring quarter pre-graduation awards ceremony

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    Spring quarter last day of classes

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