Topics in Mathematics for Systems Analysis

Course #MO1180

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


A one quarter course in logic, elementary mathematics, combinatorics, and matrix algebra, plus a review of selected topics from single variable calculus with extensions to two variables. This course is intended for first-quarter students in the distributed learning Master of Systems Analysis curriculum. Logic places emphasis on the Propositional and Predicate Calculus. Elementary mathematical topics include sets, functions, and relations. Coverage of combinatorics includes an introduction to basic principles of counting (sum and product rules), permutations, and combinations. The fundamental algebra of matrices includes addition, multiplication of matrices, and multiplication of a matrix by a constant, and a column (vector) by a matrix; elementary matrices and inverses, together with the properties of these operations; solutions to m x n systems of linear algebraic equations using Gaussian elimination. Selected topics from single-variable calculus are extended to functions of two-variables, including double integrals over rectangles and general regions. (This course may not be taken for credit by students in an engineering or science degree program, nor may it be used as a prerequisite for any other mathematics course).

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 363


  • Single-variable Calculus

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

·      review single variable differential calculus and the rules for differentiation.

·      review single variable integral calculus and selected techniques of differentiation.

·      integrate and differentiation typical functions from single variable calculus.

·      use sets and set operations.

·      draw arrow diagrams for functions.

·      use rules for counting (combinatorics).

·      use logic to combine and negate propositions and quantified predicates.

·      find the first and second partial derivatives of functions of two and three variables.

·      integrate functions of two variables over regions in the plane (‘do double integrals’) by iterating single integrals.



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