Introduction to International Relations

Course #NS3024

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course provides an overview of the prominent theories of international relations. It surveys explanations based on decision making, organizational behavior, domestic politics, international regimes and international systems, especially in terms of the insights they offer into the conduct of international relations in the post-Cold War world. PREREQUISITE: None. CLASSIFICATION: None.

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Learning Outcomes

Students will:

·      gain an understanding of historical patterns and processes in international politics including the escalation, maintenance, and resolution of conflicts among rival powers, and those states’ decisions regarding alliances, armaments, and aggression.

·      learn how competing IR (International Relations) theories based on realist, liberal, and constructivist perspectives explain these patterns, how we as analysts can assess the relative persuasiveness of these arguments in particular cases, and how those results might yield policy lessons.

·      In doing so, students will master central IR concepts such as anarchy, hegemony, power, regime type, norm, and identity.

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