Great Power Competition Lecture Series

Course #NS4000

Starts: Winter, Summer


This course provides critical and timely information on the political and strategic challenges posed for the United States by the emergence of great power competition (GPC) with China and its re-emergence with Russia.  The course will begin with a brief overview of the core dynamics of GPC historically, then examine the political, economic, and military drivers behind current Chinese and Russian policies, next discuss Chinese and Russian efforts to extend their influence into critical regions and functional domains, and conclude with a discussion of possible U.S. (and allied) responses.

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 255


The following are eligible for this offering:

  • Naval Officers
  • Naval Enlisted
  • Non-Naval Officers
  • Non-Naval Enlisted
  • DON Civilians
  • DOD Civilians
  • Non-DOD Federal Employees

Learning Outcomes

·       To understand the nature of Great Power Competition historically and its current manifestations.

·       To understand the core motivations behind Chinese, Russian, and Iranian political, economic, and military policies, as well as the challenges they pose to the United States.

·       To understand the tools China, Russia, and Iran use to further their interests in various regions of the world outside their borders and in critical competitive domains, such as cyberspace.

·       To understand the range of possible U.S. and allied responses to Chinese, Russian, and Iranian behavior.

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  •  08 Jul 2024

    Fall Quarter applications due

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