Chinese Foreign Policy

Course #NS4642

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This seminar examines and analyzes the major developments in Chinese foreign policy since 1949. It introduces historical legacies and traces the major developments during the Cold War, such as Chinese intervention in the Korean War, the rise and fall of the Sino-Soviet alliance, and improvement in Sino-American relations. The course focuses on understanding and analyzing Chinese foreign policy in the post-Cold War world and China's rise, including topics such as China's grand strategy, China's relations with the U.S., Taiwan, and Asia, and PLA modernization. This seminar also provides an opportunity for students to conduct original analysis and research on Chinese foreign policy.

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 255


  • At least one NS Asia/China course (two preferred)
  • consent of the instructor

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the historical constraints and influences on contemporary Chinese foreign policy security.
  • Develop knowledge of current and recent historical Chinese foreign policies in Asia, toward the United States, and to global institutions.
  • Describe the primary drivers of such Chinese foreign policy across time and space.
    • Evaluate the relative importance of those drivers through use of a range of social scientific methodologies.
    • Apply elements of a variety of international relations theories to help understand these drivers.
  • Assess alternative policy options for the United States and other countries in dealing with the rise of China.
    • Develop recommendations at the geostrategic level of policy. 
  • Improve analytic, research, and communications skills relevant to the study of China's foreign policy (and similar, related topics) and the understanding of policy options and their implications.
  • Conduct in-depth analysis on a topic of interest to the student related to Chinese foreign policy.
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