Survivability, Habitability, Environmental Safety and Occupational Health

Course #OA4406

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course will provide an overview of personnel survivability methodology, safety, health hazards, and occupational health concepts. The evaluation of new and modified military systems and equipment for safety and potential health hazards will be addressed through reviewing models, methods and processes available to help identify and mitigate the potential harm from accidents and hostile environments. Occupational health concerns will be addressed and methods of alleviating or minimizing workplace hazards will be analyzed. Risk analysis and mitigation models also will be examined for their contribution to increased safety and operational effectiveness. Prerequisites: None.

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Learning Outcomes

The outcome-oriented objectives for the course are that, upon successful completion, students will:

·      Be familiar with how living and working environments play critical roles in health and safety issues that are the greatest concern in system design, and how they can be addressed.

·       Be able to identify hazards associated with these domains, assess them for the risks they pose and see how they impact occupational health. Discuss ways to mitigate these hazards.

·       Identify Habitability issues and discuss how they may impact performance or have an adverse impact on quality of life and morale.

·       Be able to discuss Survivability, especially as it pertains to how Humans can protect themselves as well as other system components from various types of threats.

·       Be able to identify different approaches to optimizing Survivability by eliminating/mitigating threats or the impacts of delivered threats on system (including Human) performance.

These translate into the following specific instructional objectives such that students will be able to:

·       Apply the principles defining these domains to the review and updating of existing human-systems guidelines.

·       Create guidelines and processes for the safe and effective operation and maintenance of new systems.

·       Employ the tenets of these domains to the systems environment, ensuring that they are addressed throughout the duration of the acquisition process.

·       Analyze civil, commercial and military mishaps for evidence associated with the nature and scope of causal and contributing factors associated with these domains.

·       Participate in the system design process, ensuring that ESOH, Habitability and Survivability-related considerations are paramount in risk management, hazard identification and mitigation.

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