Systems Analysis Cases II

Course #OS3082

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This is the second course in a three-course sequence in systems analysis practice. This course focuses on learning from participating in class discussion of decision & analysis problem cases and writing concise systems analysis proposals. Cases are drawn from scenarios in defense planning, programming, and budgeting of weapons systems and forces. Emphasis is on systems analysis problem formulation, identification of objectives, measures of effectiveness, articulation of critical assumptions, and outlining of appropriate analytical methodologies. Special emphasis is placed on Cases that are typical of quick-turn-around, limited-resources Pentagon programming analysis and budget drills.

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 363


  • OS3081

Learning Outcomes

·       Gain experience in the review and evaluation of analytical studies to support national-level decisions, particularly within DoD.

·       Gain an appreciation for various analytical organizations available within and in support of the Department of the Navy and Department of Defense.

·       Present concise briefings to decision makers on the content, strengths, and weaknesses of analytical studies.

·       Produce the initial steps of the analytical process to include problem formulation, identification of objectives, selecting measures of effectiveness, and highlighting critical assumptions.

·       Produce a study proposal in the form of study guidance, statements of work, and study plan.

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