Survey of Underwater Acoustics

Course #PC3400

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Introduction to the physics of the generation, propagation, and detection of sound in the ocean. Topics include the active and passive sonar equations; radiation of sound; acoustic wave equation and wave propagation; the ray approximation, normal mode propagation, the parabolic equation approximation; propagation uncertainty; reflection of plane waves from plane boundaries; speed of sound and absorption; transmission-loss and detection-threshold models; horizontal and vertical linear arrays. Discussions include literature reviews and assignments focus on modeling of sonar equation components and data processing.

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 235

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how sound propagates from the source to the receiver in underwater acoustic waveguides
  • Identify terms in the sonar equation
  • Understand the importance of noise for underwater acoustic sonar signal processing  
  • Apply transmission loss approximations to specific waveguides
  • Understand the differences between various computational transmission loss models
  • Conceptual understanding of plane wave beamforming and apply array-processing to simulations and data
  • Be able to combine above tools and interpret sound propagation results
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