Particle Mechanics

Course #PH2151

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


After a review of the fundamental concepts of kinematics and dynamics, this course concentrates on those two areas of dynamics of simple bodies which are most relevant to applications in Combat Systems: vibrations and projectile motion. Topics include: damped and driven oscillations, projectile motion with atmospheric friction, satellite orbits, and rotating coordinate systems.


  • MA2121
  • PH1121

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course the student will

·       Understand basic physical concepts and physical quantities in Mechanics.

·       Understand and learn to apply physical and mathematical method of solving problems in Mechanics.

·       Apply Newton’s laws to solving a variety of problems.

·       Understand and apply center-of-mass concepts to qualitatively predict and quantitatively calculate the behavior of mechanical systems.

·       Understand the properties of conservative forces and the connection to potential energy and the energy method of solving problems.

·       Understand and apply conservation laws to predict system behavior.

·       Understand the behavior of simple oscillators, in one or more dimensions.

·       Understand the solution to the two-body problem. Apply the solution to solve for orbital motion of spacecraft based on initial conditions.

·       Apply the Hohmann transfer orbits method to solve for redirecting spacecraft from one orbit to another.

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