System of Systems Program Definition and Concept Development

Course #SE3411

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Managing the integration of Large System of Systems (SoS) through a Lead Systems Integrator brings together all developers through a single, central point of communication and control to direct work activities, plan for SoS integration, organize for effective scheduling, and build the team's commitment to successful integration and interoperability. SoS integration often poses confounding problems due to the myriad of interactions between systems and the overall meta-system. This course discusses the special problems of managing the integration of system of systems. Topics include the characteristics of the large scale SoS, program management of SoS integration, uses of SoS design and architecture for decision analysis, feasibility analysis and approaches for SoS integration, SoS contract management, and execution for SoS acquisitions. Prerequisite: A strong background in systems engineering or approval by instructor. Prerequisites: None.

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