Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications Systems - Part II

Course #SS3741

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Same as AE3741. This course is the second of two courses that introduce nuclear command & control concepts as well as a comprehensive, technical view of the US Nuclear Command & Control & Communications (NC3) system. There will be a large emphasis on future trends and vulnerabilities, which must be considered for future systems.

Students will understand theory of Command & Control (C2) and operation of highly reliable systems, methods used protect and secure these systems in the extreme adverse environments and ensure their reliability.

Security clearance: Secret

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 298
  • 608
  • 738


The following are eligible for this offering:

  • Naval Officers
  • Naval Enlisted
  • Non-Naval Officers
  • Non-Naval Enlisted
  • DON Civilians
  • DOD Civilians
  • Defense Contractors
  • Non-DOD Federal Employees
  • State and Local Government Employees
  • US Civilians


  • SS3740

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate understanding of the principle Command and Control methodology for NC3 systems.
  • Students will demonstrate understanding current cyber threats to Nuclear Command and Control systems.
  • Students will describe current and future threats to US Space assets including those that support the NC3 system, as well as various methods to mitigate the risk or combat the threat.
  • Students will apply modern network communications, and risk mitigation techniques to design a notional future NC3 system.
  • Students will be introduced to classified topics including national NC3 systems, risks and mitigation techniques, infrastructure and interfaces with other systems.
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