Naval Combat System Elements

Course #TS3003

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course will cover combat system detection and engagement elements. This may include radar, EW, active and passive sonar, infrared, communication systems, data links, and countermeasures subsystems. The emphasis will be on what the elements contribute to a combat system, their basic principles of operation, their performance limitations, and their interfaces with the rest of the combat system. Details on specific elements and systems will be limited to those needed to illustrate basic principles and interactions affecting systems engineering. 


  • ME2503

Learning Outcomes

Educational Objectives / Course Learning Outcomes
(Specific Knowledge, Skills & Abilities)


At the completion of the course students will be able to:

·       Describe the effects that can affect the propagation of electromagnetic radiation.

·       Estimate the attenuation of electromagnetic radiation in different weather conditions.

·       Describe the effects that can affect the propagation of acoustic radiation.

·       Determine criteria for detection and estimation in sensor systems.

·       Discuss the effects of tracker choice on system performance.

·       Use Johnson’s criteria to estimate imaging system performance.

·       Conceptually design & estimate performance of radar, infrared, e-o, or sonar systems.

·       Estimate the effects of different kinds of warheads.

·       Use the fundamental aerodynamic forces to estimate projectile performance.

·       Discuss different approaches to projectile guidance and control.

·       Describe the ways in which electronic warfare can affect sensor performance.

·       Estimate the effects of a directed energy weapon on a specific target.

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