Directed Energy Certificate

Certificate #119

Est.imated Completion Time: 12 months

Starts: Winter

Program Area: Combat Systems

POC: NPS Online Support

Modality: Distance Learning


The Directed Energy Graduate Certificate will provide graduate level coursework to educate active duty and civilian DoD employees to increase proficiency in development and integration of DE systems, and to expedite fielding DE capabilities. The certificate program is designed to provide that skill set. Upon successful completion of the course work, students will be awarded an Academic Certificate in keeping with standard practices of the Naval Postgraduate School. Strong background in calculus as evidenced by transcripts or work history is required for enrollment.

Courses Required

Quarter Course
Quarter 1 PH1000
Quarter 2 EC3110
Quarter 3 SE3122
Quarter 4 PH4858

Learning Outcomes

  • Review the laws of physics from ancient science to classical science to modern quantum and relativity physics. 
  • Explore physics concepts and their relevance to military technologies.
  • Understand and describe the role of sensors from a systems perspective.
  • Understand and explain the physics underlying common sensors including radar, sonar, and EO/IR.
  • Understand the effects of the natural environment on sensors.
  • Analyze and quantify the impact of the atmospheric and weather related phenomena on sensor performance.
  • Describe and quantify the impact of multipath and ducting phenomena on detection sensors.

Application Information

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