Refuel Logistics Certificate

Certificate #121

Est.imated Completion Time: 12 months

Starts: Spring

Program Area: Data Science and Decisions

POC: NPS Online Support

Modality: Distance Learning


The Refuel Logistics Graduate Certificate will provide graduate level coursework to educate active duty and civilian DoD employees to increase proficiency in integration and planning of refueling capabilities specifically within contested environments.

Courses Required

Course Details
Course 1 PH3700
Course 2 OS3007
Course 3 OS3613
Course 4 OA3611

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand energy basics, energy usage, fossil fuels, solar energy, wind and hydro power, waves, tides and OTEC, geothermal and biomass.
  • Assess realistic problems encountered in energy applications and employ appropriate tools for analyzing them.
  • Evaluate the structure of research formulations and select appropriate solution methods.
  • Implement mathematical formulations using a software tool (Excel Solver) analyze solver output in terms of solution quality and sensitivity to changes in input parameters.
  • Utilize appropriate techniques to forecast values of interest and assess the quality of forecast models in terms of uncertainty and any risks posed by this uncertainty.
  • Construct simulation models to model complex and/or nondeterministic energy systems.
  • Evaluate the output of research models and draw appropriate conclusions about the actual system.

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