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Student Guide Quick Start

Quick Start To-Dos

  1. Set-up your NPS Network Account by completing the SAAR form and required trainings in order to receive your NPS username and temporary password.
  2. Install DoD Certificates. Many enterprise IT systems at NPS make use of SSL certificates issued by the DOD.
  3. Gain Remote Access
    1. Follow instructions for using NPS Cloudlab, the best method to access a wide variety of popular applications and web services via Windows virtual desktop.
    2. Follow instructions for setting up Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  4. Set up your Email
    1. Use your NPS username, provided in an email.
    2. Use your temporary password. The format for your temporary password will be provided by your curriculum POC.
  5. Change your Password
    1. Select New NPS Users
    2. Change your password according to the following rules:
      1. At least 15 characters long
      2. 2 uppercase letters
      3. 2 lowercase letters
      4. 2 special characters
      5. 2 numbers
      6. Password may not contain an actual word in any language
  6. Enroll in Self-Service Password Reset
  7. Set up your Profile in the Student Information System (Python)
    1. Login with your NPS credentials
    2. Select My Profile in the tool bar to the left. Confirm information is correct; edit if needed.
    3. Select Addresses and Family. Confirm information is correct; edit if needed.
  8. Access your course(s) via the NPS Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) in Sakai.
    1. Select NPS Users Click Here to Login
    2. Login with your NPS credentials
    3. Your courses will auto-populate and list in the "Favorites" bar, along the top navigation of the portal
    4. For additional help with Sakai, contact:
Student Guide Resources


These resources are have been complied to be a single source that details routine student administration and institutional processes relating to your time with NPS. If a situation arises that is not covered here, please bring it to our attention.

  • Academic Calendars: Quarterly dates for the first day of classes, federal holidays, final exams, and graduation
  • Catalog: Searchable academic program and course catalog and past edition archives
  • Honor Code: Expected standards of conduct in learning as they pertain to classroom conduct, cheating, plagiarism, take-home examinations, and consultation in preparation of theses and research papers.
  • Policies: Information on student records, grading procedures, course withdrawals, extended absences, incompletes, disenrollment, and similar elements
  • Change in Active Duty or Employment Status: A uniformed member of the U.S Armed Forces who will separate from active duty status while enrolled in a course from NPS is required to notify the Registrar and Program Office upon receiving a separation date.
  • Course Schedules & Textbook Information: Course scheduling and textbook requirements can be viewed in Python
    • Select the Student tab
    • Enter your last name
    • Select Matrix to the left of your name
    • Select the magnifying class icon to the left of the course listing
      • This information may not be available until around two weeks before classes begin; reach out to your Ed Tech, student support, or instructor for more scheduling and course material assistance.
  • Graduation: Information on rehearsal and graduation ceremony times, appropriate attire, visitor gate access, and more
  • Disability Services & Accessibility: Resources include Learning Tools, Lifestyle Factors, Special Needs & Reasonable Accommodation, Learning Styles, and more.

For information regarding Admissions, including questions about the graduate and certificate application process, submitting official transcripts, and Academic Profile Codes (APC).

NPS Admissions

Distance Learning courses are delivered and managed via:

Direct portal access to Sakai

For searchable databases, ejournals, workshops, and numerous scholastic and military online resources.

NPS Dudley Knox Library

  • Receive flexible one-to-one coaching with experts in critical thinking and academic and technical writing
  • Learn and refine your skills in brainstorming, researching, outlining, citing, developing and delivering presentations, assessing resources, and more
  • Attend specialized workshops or view pre-recorded presentations for practical skill-building.

Graduate Writing Center (GWC)

Information related to academic records services, including enrollment and degree verifications, add/drop/withdrawal process, processing of grades, transcripts and diplomas, and Course Evaluation Forms (CEFs).


  • Technology Assistance Center (TAC)
    • Resource for technological self-help, and live or digital assistance
    • NPS account username and password support
    • Remote access support and browser selection (Chrome or Firefox recommended)
    • (831) 656-1046
  • Remote Access to NPS Networks
  • Network Accounts & Password Management
    • All NPS students receive an NPS network account
      • Credentials are used to gain access to Python, NPS email accounts, ITACS software download, the Dudley Knox Library, and Sakai CLE for course material.
    • All students are required to complete the SAAR form prior to receiving an NPS network account
      • Detailed instructions for filling out the SAAR form are available.
      • Cyber Awareness and Privacy/PII training are required to complete the form.
  • Software Library: Licensed software available for use by NPS students, staff, and faculty
  • Computers and Equipment
    • NMCI (Navy Marine Corps Intranet) Machines
      • Most do not have webcam or audio capabilities
      • Always test audio and webcams prior to classes
      • If NMCI devices do not have webcams and/or audio, students are able to use multiple devices to participate in class
        • Ex: NMCI device is used to view a lecture and a personal device (smart phone, tablet, personal laptop, etc.) for camera and audio capability
    • Refer to Remote Access to NPS Networks for assistance in setting up your personal device for NPS services
  • Email
    • NPS Email is available through any web browser. Login with your full NPS email address ( and NPS password
    • Support is available for:
      • Configuring and archiving
      • Remote email access
      • Special (non-entity) accounts
      • Security
      • Global Address List
      • Additional How-To’s

The NPS Thesis Processing office website includes:

  • Important dates
  • Thesis templates
  • Thesis submission process
  • Citation guides
  • SharePoint assistance
  • Python help
  • Thesis briefs, and more

Thesis Processing Office