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535: Underwater Acoustic Systems

Program Announcements

Master of Science in Engineering Acoustics & Master of Engineering Acoustics

Commencing July 2023

By Distributed Learning using a Web-based, Virtual Classroom Environment

The Naval Postgraduate School and its Engineering Acoustics Academic Committee are pleased to announce plans to offer distance learning (DL) Master's programs of study in Engineering Acoustics (MEA and MSEA). The academic character of the programs in Engineering Acoustics is interdisciplinary, with courses and laboratory work drawn principally from the fields of physics and electrical engineering. Although broadly based, the emphasis of the programs is on those aspects of acoustics and signal processing applicable to undersea warfare. Subjects covered include the generation, propagation, and reception of sound in the ocean; military applications of underwater sound; and acoustic signal processing and communications.

For more information, please contact the offering POC. Program information briefings for potential sponsors and students are available upon request.


$3,200 per student/course.