Certificate in Applied Cyber Operations

Certificate #225

Est.imated Completion Time: 9 months

Starts: Fall, Spring

Subspecialty Code: 6208L

Program Area: Cyber and Information Systems

POC: Program Manager

Modality: Distance Learning


The Applied Cyber Operations certificate is a graduate-level, non-degree program designed to enable DoD and U.S. Government personnel to effectively employ cyber capabilities in an operational context and to prepare students to maintain a high state of readiness for cyber operations in the face of hostile action. Students will be able to utilize their understanding of cyber capabilities and their employment to achieve or support both cyber and overall mission objectives while accounting for adversary activity and environmental constraints.

Courses required

Course Details
Course 1 Choose one of the following:
  • CY3520
  • CY3602
  • CS3690
  • DA3104
Course 2 CY4700
Course 3 CY4710


  • A baccalaureate degree is required.
  • Recent completion, viz. within the past five years, of courses in computer and network security, computer and communications networks. Students lacking these prerequisites may be acceptable to the program through their undergraduate records and other indicators of success.

Application Information

Applications are handled by the NPS Admissions Office. Please visit the admissions website or contact them at admissions@nps.edu.

Tuition & Service Obligation

For information regarding tuition, please contact the NPS Tuition office at tuition@nps.edu, or contact this offering’s POC at irvine@nps.edu.

For information regarding service obligation, please visit the Admissions Office’s Eligibility/Service Obligation page.

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  •  29 May 2023

    Memorial Day

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