Ethics and Moral Development

Course #GE3109

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Offered to EMBA students in their first quarter: The objective of this course is to provide newly-enrolled Executive MBA students with an introduction to the ethical challenges of the global Defense business environment facing Navy corporate business leaders and resource managers. Through the use of case analyses and discussion, the course will explore the application of ethical thinking to contemporary issues in the private and public sectors. The course goals include: 1) introduce ethical concepts which are relevant to the moral and ethical dilemmas inherent in business decisions; 2) help students develop the critical thinking and analytical skills required to address complex issues; 3) identify the range of ethical problems facing senior leaders in business and government; and 4) encourage the students to develop a personal approach to achieve ethical outcomes in the corporate-level decision-making process. The students will use the managerial perspective and critical thinking skills developed in this course throughout the remainder of their studies to identify the ethical dimension in the process of formulating and implementing Navy policy and business strategies required to build and maintain the Fleet of the 21st Century. Prerequisite: None.

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