Qualitative Methods for Research

Course #IS4710

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


Qualitative methods for research will be explored in this course. Quantitative research methods are powerful, but not all research questions and settings are amenable to such methods. In particular, early stage exploratory research (e.g., "how" and "why" questions), studies in which the phenomena of interest are intertwined with their contexts (e.g., where people, technology and organizations interact), investigations of individual and small-group behaviors (e.g., leaders, project teams, user groups), understanding rare and idiosyncratic events (e.g., catastrophes, new technology introductions, organizational changes), and research in which potential sample sizes are small, or measures cannot be operationalized practically, are all candidates for qualitative research methods. Additionally, combining qualitative and quantitative methods represents a compelling tactic for triangulation through data analysis. In this course students learn to appreciate when qualitative research methods are appropriate, and they gain both theoretical and experiential knowledge about how to employ such methods.

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