Course #ME4700

Est.imated Completion Time: 3 months


This course is meant to describe and quantify the methods commonly used to predict the probability of successfully attacking ground targets. The initial emphasis will be on air launched weapons. These weapons include guided and unguided bombs, air-to-ground missiles, LGBs, rockets and guns. The course will outline the various methodologies used in operational products used widely in the USN, USAF and Marine Corps.

Included in degrees & certificates

  • 235


  • ME2503
  • MA2121
  • ME3410

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Recognize where weaponeering fits into the force application cycle
  • Understand how weapon accuracy, weapon lethality and target vulnerability my be combined into different methodologies to calculate expected damage.
  • Recognize the trade of between damage model fidelity and computation speed to produce a result, and understand when to use which approach.


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