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298: Space Nuclear Command, Control & Communications Certificate

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Space Nuclear Command, Control & Communications Certificate Program

Commencing week of 5 July 2023
Deadline for application is 28 March 2023

The Naval Postgraduate School’s Space Systems Academic Group is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications for its distance learning Space Nuclear Command, Control & Communications (NC3) Certificate. The Space Nuclear Command, Control & Communications Certificate program primarily targets cross-service military officers and government civilians who are a part of the US strategic nuclear triad or associated NC3 systems/programs or are in NC3 strategic decision-making organizations such as STRATCOM. Other federal civilians and defense contractor civilians may be granted entry when seats are available and they meet NPS Admissions criteria. The Space NC3 certificate program is designed to give students a basic foundation to understand Space capabilities and their integration into the U.S. NC3 architecture involving networks, sensors and communication fundamentals relevant to U.S. strategic nuclear operations, deterrence and assurance. The students will understand various nuclear systems and communication nodes to the technical level. Upon completion students will understand the NC3 system basic modes of operation in various scenarios (such as peace time vs conflict). Students will be equipped to make informed recommendations regarding future NC3 system updates based on accepted design principles, past lessons learned, evolving deterrence needs, and new technology.


NPS Mission-funded Tuition

NPS is mission-funded to provide tuition-free graduate education to active duty Navy and Marine Corps officers.

Sponsor-reimbursed Tuition

The open enrollment tuition price is $2,600. Seats not filled by active duty Navy and Marine Corps officers will be made available for open enrollment to other uniformed officers, Department of the Navy and other federal government civilians, and defense contractor civilians under the sponsorship of their organization. Please contact the offering POC for current tuition pricing.